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Intgral provides data integration and customer analysis services that put your client data to work solving business challenges. We take the time to understand what makes your industry tick. We combine that understanding with your existing data sources and our expertise in data analytics to produce actionable insight into customer behavior. Intgral can help you understand and predict client behavior, improve customer engagement and drive sales growth.

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Putting 20 years of industry experience to work for you.

Many players in the customer analysis field are software specialists with little or no industry experience. At Intgral, we have more than 20-years experience putting the power of customer analysis to work. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations across many industries marshal their data and use it to understand client behavior. Here are some of the core industries we serve:

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Intgral on customer analysis

  • 26 Sep

    Better customer service through analytics

    By Jean-Marc Gravel

    As soon as consumers hit your site, they are broadcasting important signals about their desires, their preferences, and their personas. Maybe this visitor is already a client. Maybe they’ve almost bought but abandoned the process.

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