Find out how we generated 425 000$ savings on a total budget of $2 million by implementing our SMART FLYER DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY!

Has Your Weekly Sales Circular Got Your Marketing Budget Running in Circles?

The weekly sales circular, with its special offers and deep discounts, is still a primary marketing tool for many retailers. Even in the digital age, flyers remain an effective tool for getting your offer in front of consumers and shaping their near-term behavior and even building longer-term loyalty. But are you getting efficient performance out of your circular? Without looking at the data, it’s hard to know. The case that follows describes how Intgral used customer data analysis to help a Canadian retailer cut its circular costs by 23% without impacting sales.


A 20-outlet brand, member of a much larger retail organization wanted to explore the possibility of optimizing distribution of its sales circular without hurting sales.  The ultimate objective was to free up budget to re-allocate to more targeted and personalized initiatives. The initial target was a 10% savings through rationalization of distribution on the annual budget of $2million.


Because of shareholder sensitivity to sales targets, it was vital for the marketing term to avoid any deep cuts that might affect sales numbers for the brand. Our team proposed a 4 phase implementation of the first circulation cuts with near real-time monitoring to minimize risk. The distribution plan was so under-optimized that it was possible to achieve the overall objective of a 10% reduction in overall cost through targeted cuts. Once postal code-specific data was fed into the model, Intgral’s team was able to make recommendations for a more surgical set of cuts that more than doubled the targeted savings.


The first set of cuts yielded a savings of over $200K on a budget of $2 million without affecting sales. By the last set of cuts total distribution of the circular was down by 23% again without any negative impact on sales numbers. The program, now in its second year has generated more than $350K annually and further tweaks coming in the next quarter should save another $100K annually.

Save Big on Your Little Flyers

If your organization uses wide distribution sales circulars and or marketing flyers, Intgral can help you understand where you can save money, get to know your clients better and use circulars more effectively. Contact us now to set up an evaluation meeting.  

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