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Digital Transformation for the Retail Industry

In the United States no less than 6,000 stores closed in 2017 And obviously it is online commerce that is being pointed at and rightly so. If several sectors of our economy have been slow to begin their transformation to digital it is in my opinion more due to our industrial structure than to the […]

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Pourquoi les CEO sont insatisfaits de leurs “Data Scientists” J’ai l’habitude de dire à nos clients que nos équipes d’analystes ne cherchent pas pour chercher mais cherchent pour trouver! En effet, confiez à une équipe d’analystes le moindrement créatifs une base de données volumineuse et riche et après 24 mois ils pourront encore vous surprendre  par leurs découvertes!  Ces découvertes vous seront-elles utiles […]

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Join us October 3rd at Données et intelligence marketing

Join us October 3rd at the Westin in Montreal for an interactive session with Intgral president Jean-Marc Gravel. The session is presented as part of the 4th annual Données et intelligence marketing organized by Les affaires.

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Rethinking the customer journey

This interested in article from Harvard Business Review examines the importance of rethinking the customer journey.  Whether for B2B or B2C, your organization can gain an important competitive advantage by leveraging the customer information you already gather and then creating relevant and customized interactions at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

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