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Customer Data Analysis turns data into actionable intelligence

Generations of marketers have had to rely on their “marketing instincts” and received wisdom to guess what customers want and could only guess at which marketing initiatives represented the best ROI. Customer data analysis is turning the old marketing world on its head. Now that most customer interactions can be tracked, attributed and measured, companies with the right data, tools and analytical frameworks have a huge competitive advantage. Intgral customer data analysis services help customers understand customer needs and behaviors, while also providing visibility on the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and communications investments.

CLIENTONOMY – understand the anatomy of your client

Intgral’s CLIENTONOMY process is a detailed diagnostic of the general health-level of your customer base. The analysis includes elements like activity levels, renewals, retention, loyalty and engagement. The objective of the CLIENTONOMY process is to provide your organization with an in-depth snapshot of customer behavior and allow you to take action quickly to bolster weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities and overall drive sales.


Provide granular and detailed visibility on customer behavior to allow the development of evidence-based sales and marketing strategies.


Aggregate all of your organization's customer data into an analytical framework and focus the research effort on identifying the specific areas of weakness or opportunity to focus on.


Generate a short-list of priority issues that can be addressed to boost profits, reduce attrition and improve communications and engagement.

BEHAVIONOMY – Creating bullet-proof customer segmentation

Intgral’s BEHAVIONOMY customer segmentation process is part science and part marketing art - but mostly science. Using advanced mathematical modeling and industry-specific customer knowledge Intgral’s team will help you develop a series of customer personas that model and predict the behavior of your most important customer groups. Understanding these personas is the fundamental building block your organization will use to develop effective new sales and marketing strategies and tactics.


Effective segmentation relies not just on customer data but also on a fine-tuned understanding of market dynamics and competitive forces within an industry.


Select the perfect mix of pertinent variables and apply mathematical techniques to help build out an optimized set of descriptive and highly-useable customer segments.


The result of this process, client personas, is one of the most effective sales and marketing tools any organization can possess. These personas help marketers gain real insight into who the organization’s clients are and what makes them tick.

Predictive modeling - knowing what customers will do before they know themselves.

With all your customer data mobilized and your customer personas locked-in it’s possible to move on to predictive modeling. The insights developed through predictive modeling can provide a roadmap for your sales and marketing strategies.


How do you understand the behavior of customer groups? For example those who abandon your product or service and adopt a competitor’s offering?


By selecting the right tools and statistical frameworks as well as validation methodologies, Intgral can create models that will be effective at explaining past customer behavior and predicting new customer behavior.


Predictive modelling, while not a crystal ball, provides a cutting-edge tool for identifying emerging risks and opportunities as well as evaluating the effectiveness of any planned response.

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