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Data integration will unlock your data by tearing down silos

If you want to analyze first you have to integrate. Data integration, combining all the sources of customer data available within your organization, is the first hurdle you need to overcome before you can start any customer analysis.

Intgral has a proven track record and an established methodology for taking data from the widest possible range of systems, standardizing it, cleaning it and establishing unique IDs for customers to identifying them across all channels.

Data integration is the foundation for customer analysis and the first step in marketing activation.

With clean data and solid customer IDs your organization will be ready to start analyzing and drawing insights. Those insights will allow you to optimize your customer communication, promotions, and sales activities across all your channels.

Case Study - Data Integration

Data integration an essential pre-prequisite for any customer analysis and the development of an effective multi-channel marketing strategy.


Extract customer data from unlinked legacy systems (CMS, CRM, marketing automation, sales databases, etc.) to provide insight into customer interactions, behavior and preferences.


In close collaboration with your team, Intgral will plan, develop and support the launch of your multi-channel marketing program.


Multi-channel marketing with the ability to customize interactions based on personas across all communications, sales and marketing channels - driving improved engagement and sales.

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Intgral on customer analysis

  • 26 Sep

    Rethinking the customer journey

    By Jean-Marc Gravel

    This interested in article from Harvard Business Review examines the importance of rethinking the customer journey.  Whether for B2B or B2C, your organization can gain an important competitive advantage by leveraging the customer information you already gather and then creating relevant and customized interactions at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

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  • 26 Sep

    Better customer service through analytics

    By Jean-Marc Gravel

    As soon as consumers hit your site, they are broadcasting important signals about their desires, their preferences, and their personas. Maybe this visitor is already a client. Maybe they’ve almost bought but abandoned the process.

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  • 26 Sep

    Join us October 3rd at Données et intelligence marketing

    By Jean-Marc Gravel

    Join us October 3rd at the Westin in Montreal for an interactive session with Intgral president Jean-Marc Gravel. The session is presented as part of the 4th annual Données et intelligence marketing organized by Les affaires.

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