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Nicto will power your marketing activation

Nicto is Intgral’s advanced marketing activation platform. Nicto provides a centralized dashboard and analytical space for all your strategic and operational marketing intelligence activities. It centralizes client information and provides powerful customer analysis tools. The platform also allows you to execute and even automate multi-channel, and omnichannel marketing campaigns. Nicto also provides everything you need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns - Nicto is the one tool you need to become a digital marketing force.

Intgral can help you implement the platform and become experts at using it. Allowing you to focus on determining the most effective marketing channels, strategies and tactics to build engagement and drive sales. Let Nicto activate your marketing efforts!

Case Study - Marketing activation with Nicto

Marketing has moved into a new phase where the expectation is that all aspects of your communications, marketing and sales process will be captured, measured and then used to fuel improved performance. Nicto and Intgral can be your partners in the customer analysis revolution.


Extract all the necessary customer data from source systems (both digital and analog) and create an marketing activation ecosystem that meets the needs of our client.


Implement a Saas-based integrated marketing activation platform that combines all customer-facing activities, monitors marketing, and enables the client to plan and launch personalized multi-channel campaigns and measure results in near real-time.


Marketing teams gain new capabilities, autonomy, and data visibility with Nicto. With the ability to set up and run complex multi-channel marketing initiatives and track their ROI, marketing teams have what they need to improve their performance, power sales and they have the data to prove it!





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