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Who we are

We are all about improving marketing performance and driving sales through customer analysis

Who we are is a group of data analytics professionals who are passionate about understanding and predicting customer behavior.

At Intgral we put a lot of brainpower and years of customer analysis experience to work to improve your marketing performance. We’ve got piles of doctorates and masters degrees, decades of field experience, advanced mathematical models and cutting edge software. But most of all we have a deep drive to understand our clients challenges and to help them spur improved marketing and sales performance.

— We turn raw data in smart data —
— We turn customer knowledge into actionable insight —
— We use smart data to power customer engagement and drive sales growth —

Let us help you unlock the power of your customer data.

Our leadership team

  • Jean-Marc Gravel

    President and co-founder

    Jean-Marc Gravel’s career led him to acquire a solid experience in representation, in marketing and communications direction and in general management. The founder of Intgral devotes himself exclusively to the development of knowledge and organizational intelligence. Mr. Gravel assists high-level executives with the strategic management of issues related to the orientation and implementation of business intelligence environments. His experience in marketing process review results mainly from the adoption of CRM strategies in organizations.

    Jean-Marc Gravel founded Intgral in 1990. He has 31 years of experience, including 20 in business intelligence.

  • Andrée-Anne Sauvé

    Vice-President, Customer Solutions and co-founder

    Trained in sophisticated data analysis and systematization of processes, Andrée-Anne Sauvé develops business intelligence solutions tailored to resolve specific problems. Her experience in strategic planning has made her acutely aware of the importance of properly aligning strategies to corporate objectives. Her strategic approach combined with her understanding of information technology have contributed to the originality and relevance of the methodology developed by Intgral in deploying environments for decision support and exploitation of knowledge from data analysis.

    Andrée-Anne Sauvé possesses over 30 years of experience in systematization, strategic planning, business intelligence and consultation.

    At Intgral, Andrée-Anne handles business strategies and manages multiple complex analysis projects: behaviour modelling, segmentation, diagnosis, campaign results and customer 'scoring'.

  • Isabelle Béguin

    Vice-president Information technology

    Known for her interpersonal skills, outstanding leadership and great capacity to manage, motivate and stimulate a team, Isabelle Béguin led many complex and innovative projects. Her analytical capacity and her ability to cope with ambiguity and provide perspective allow her to find solutions and anticipate problematic situations.

    Isabelle Béguin garners over 20 years experience in information technology, including 12 years as project manager in data warehousing and business intelligence.

    At Intgral, Isabelle directs, plans and manages the project portfolio and the work teams.

Join the Intgral team

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Here are the positions we are currently looking to fill:

Intgral on customer analysis

  • 26 Sep

    Better customer service through analytics

    By Jean-Marc Gravel

    As soon as consumers hit your site, they are broadcasting important signals about their desires, their preferences, and their personas. Maybe this visitor is already a client. Maybe they’ve almost bought but abandoned the process.

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