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Is Marketing 4.0 Kicking your Butt?

Gaining customer confidence and earning loyalty is seriously heavy lifting. Marketing 4.0 means knowing preferences, making meaningful offers and following behavior and satisfaction across all channels and touchpoints. It’s a technical, organizational and analytical challenge. And it’s not any getting easier. But we can help.

We are Team Players

At InTgral we understand the value of teamwork, especially when it comes to customer data and analytics. Our experts can provide the support and expertise needed to help your internal marketing team become masters of marketing 4.0. Whether you need support in planning, implementing or executing your customer data strategy, we can help. Need a hand to get started or a long-term data analytics partner? That’s us too.

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How can customer analysis help your business thrive?

Has customer analysis got you confused, overwhelmed or you are simply unsure? Don't worry almost everyone starts out there. Our offer includes a full range of customer analysis services. Whether you are just taking your first steps in looking at customer analysis or you a are looking to take your customer analysis program to the next level - we can help. Here are a few of the areas where Intgral can provide support.

  • Our data is locked away inside operational silos. How do I fix that?

    • We need to identify clients who are active across more than one channel of your multi-channel marketing programs.
    • We have trouble getting an accurate read because of dirty, unusable data.
    • We have multiple customer databases, marketing platforms, CMS or other systems that are unlinked.

    We can help with that!
  • We need insight into customer behavior. What’s our best approach?

    • We need to identify who our best customers are. Are they loyal to our brand?
    • We are struggling to determine the real value of our customers.
    • We’d like to better segment our customer base.

    We can help with that!
  • We want to interact with clients through marketing activation. What do we need to know before we get started?

    • We need to be able to target customer communications based on behavior.
    • We are looking for ways to measure and build customer engagement.
    • We’d like to tailor personalized marketing for our best clients.

    We can help with that!
  • We absolutely need to measure our marketing performance. But where do we start?

    • Measuring marketing ROI is a hot button issue for us.
    • Being able to quantify the value of each customer is a priority for us.
    • We need insight into customer churn and attrition rates and causes.

    We can help with that!

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